Egypt, in the land of the pharaohs

Pyramides Egypte

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Travel made in February 2020
Duration: 11 days

Welcome to Egypt!!

Welcome to the roads of Myoxybubble Egypt! The history of this country has crossed more than 30 dynasties! There is much to learn or read about the pyramids, its kings, gods and people. Today, many mysteries still remain when it comes to the construction of the latter, not to mention the unsolved or buried archaeological sites.
Many backpackers wonder about Egypt! Very few answers circulate on blogs or social networks about this country, except the cruise is too touristy for my taste. The media terrorize us on a daily basis about the attacks. It’s a trip that can scare us! This image of terrorism prevents us from taking the step and embarking on the discovery of this wonder of the ancient world.
Do you want to discover the keys to a non-tourist trip to Egypt? Would you like to live in total immersion with the wonderful and extremely kind and respectful Egyptian people? Are you ready for a Myoxybubble Egypt escape? So, Landing in Cairo! Here the cars are doubled indifferently by the right or the left, the calls of headlights and horns are an integral part of Egyptian traffic and the priorities on the right do not exist! They ride in their own way but trust them. they master! I never felt unsafe. 

Our itinerary

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Egypt, in the land of the pharaohs

Day 1 : The Pyramids

# The Pyramids of Giza 

We advise you to book your nights in Cairo at the Confort Pyramids Inn hotel (39€/night for 1 room of 4pers). He has an incredible location! The place is magical. It features a terrace with direct views of the pyramids.

The Comfort Pyramids Inn

You’ll love admiring the sunrise (or sunset) from its upper terrace, as well as the free sound and light that takes place every evening (in French on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 8:30 pm)!

sunset over the pyramids of Giza sunset over the pyramids of Giza sound and light pyramids of Giza sound and lights on the pyramids of Giza

You will not get tired of having your very hearty breakfast included in the booking rate facing the majestic and emblematic pyramids of Egypt. Enough to recharge your batteries for the day! Under a striking calm, before your eyes will be revealed the magnificent pyramids of Giza. Nothing is more enjoyable than waking up like this for your first day in Egypt. A childhood dream come true!
The rooms are welcoming, clean and spacious.

The Comfort Pyramids Inn The Comfort Pyramids Inn

Every morning Egypt wakes up to the song of the call to prayer at 5 a.m. There are 5 prayers a day. The pyramids of Giza (sphinx side) are a few minutes walk from the hotel, which is very convenient.

Sphinx at the Pyramids of Giza Sphinx at the Pyramids of Giza The Giza Plateau Pyramids of Giza Cairo

I advise you otherwise to opt for a private taxi including a driver and a guide for the day ($ 135 for 4 people). This will allow you to visit 3 sites: the Giza Plateau, Saqqara and Memphis.
The site of Giza is known for its 3 pyramids Cheops, Khephren and Mykerinos built for the pharaohs. Kheops is one of the ancient wonders of the world.

Cheops pyramids in Cairo Cheops pyramids in Cairo Cheops pyramids in Cairo The entrance to the pyramid the pyramid Kheops Pyramids of Giza Cairo Pyramids of Giza Cairo

It measures 137m high by 230m wide, has 152 seats and 2 accesses: an artificial entrance created for tourists and the real one a little higher. Its stones are made of limestone from nearby quarries. It took 20 years of construction with 50 to 100,000 workers. The entrance to the pyramids is always to the north because the pharaoh always had to see the North Star which is the soul of the sky. All the faces of the pyramid lead to the cardinal points. This plateau was chosen because it is higher and larger than that of Saqqara.

Giza Plateau Cairo

The soil is less sandy and can therefore support the weight of larger pyramids. The land is fertile on the right bank because the Nile tends to spread there when it is raw. As a result, the pyramids were built on the left bank. Youwill continue your day by going to the site of Saqqara and the remains of the city of Memphis which are located about thirty kilometers from the pyramids, or 45 minutes by car. The guide will allow you to read all the necessary historical and cultural explanations. The tour is organized by the hotel on request.
In Cairo, it is possible and highly recommended to use an Uber and not taxis which are 10 times more expensive! This tour is not possible by Uber because of the distance. In addition, there are none at remote sites. Nevertheless, it may be possible to negotiate so that they wait for you during the visits and then accompany you. Lunch is included in the price of the excursion.

At the exit of the Saqqara site, you will have lunch at the Sakkara restaurant. You will appreciate the welcome, the setting, but also the freshness of the food and especially the grilled meat! I recommend!  

# The Memphis website 

Head to the Memphis site! Memphis is an ancient city that is located 25km from Cairo. The site is to be seen. Admission will cost you 80LE for an adult and 40LE for students. The combined tour of Memphis and Saqqara provides a better understanding of the ancient pyramids, the desert on one side and the Nile Valley on the other side. Onthe site, you will discover the largest existing statue of Ramses II, measuring 13 meters.

site of Memphis statue of Ramses II site of Memphis statue of Ramses II

In the middle of the remains, stands a sphynx : the lion’s body representing power and man’s head wisdom (or spirit).

Sphinx from the Memphis site

Here you will understand the problems between Lower and Upper Egypt. At the time, Ramses II had a red crown representing Lower Egypt that he wore when he declared war; and a white crown representing Upper Egypt, which he wore when he announced victory.

I also let you discover sarcophagi of the time.


Above are hieroglyphics that represent the deceased, as well as Osiris to enter paradise, Anubis the god of the dead and mummification (represented by a dog’s head) and Horus the god of protection (represented by a falcon’s head).

hieroglyphic scripts hieroglyphic scripts hieroglyphic scripts

The eyes engraved on the stone represent the soul. The god Ra (god of the sun) could communicate with the deceased through these eyes.

hieroglyphic scripts representing the god RA

Do you know the tragic death of Osiris (god of the dead and of life)? He was murdered and drowned in the Nile by his brother Seth and then dismembered into 14 pieces! What a horror! His wife Isis reconstructed her late husband’s puzzle with 13 pieces that she found. Only one organ was missing. Then she mummified him with the help of Horus and Anubis. Osiris is the first mummy in Egypt!

# The Saqqara Plateau

The site of Saqqara is sublime and worth the few kilometers of road that separates it from Cairo !

Pyramid of Saqqara

There is the pyramid of Saqqara of 60 meters. It has 14 entrance doors, 13 of which are fake, as well as mastabas belonging to the 3rd dynasty. The 13 artificial doors would refer to the story about the death of Osiris (1 door for each piece of the body).

Pyramid of Saqqara Pyramid of Saqqara Site of the Pyramid of Saqqara Site of the Pyramid of Saqqara Site of the Pyramid of Saqqara Site of the Pyramid of Saqqara

In front of the pyramid is a courtyard where the bullfight took place. The king had to catch the bull in front of his people to prove his strength and ability to protect his people. Be careful not to forget to go to the back of the site, to the pyramid of Ounas and the burial chamber where there is a 4000-year-old royal tomb. The walls are still resplendent with hieroglyphics.

burial chamber hieroglyphic texts

This tour is included in the price. Provide a tip (as always in Egypt). 

# Papyrus Museum

At the end of the day, you can make a stop at the small Papyrus Museum in Cairo which looks more like a souvenir shop. This stop allows you to have playful explanations on the manufacture of papyri and avoid buying a fake. On the other hand, the price is high but understandable given the work. The most beautiful are those who with the light off change engraving. Personally, we did not buy anything because it did not interest us as a souvenir but the visit remains interesting. 

Day 2 : Luxor and its surroundings

We advise you to take an internal flight Cairo – Luxor in the middle of the night to benefit from an interesting price. Count 1 hour of flight. The latter cost us 49 € / person while by day we would have paid 90 € / person. We were 4 so there are no small savings! Not to mention that you can enjoy your full day the next day! It’s up to you 😉.

Arrive in Luxor, take a taxi and go to your accommodation. Be careful, Luxor does not have an Uber service. It will cost you 20€ for this transfer. I advise you to book on Airbnb at the Golden Palace at Walid an exceptional superhost and full of small attentions!

Golden Palace accommodation

He is very available and at your disposal. You will have at your disposal the entire villa (with garden) with Arabic and Egyptian architecture and decoration.

Golden Palace accommodation Golden Palace accommodation Golden Palace accommodation Golden Palace accommodation

The neighborhood is conveniently located on the west bank of the Nile, quiet and on a street with many restaurants and grocery stores. The ferry is also a 3-minute walk away. The pier is right in front of the Luxor Temple. It’s very convenient! The night cost us 17,36€ with the service fee for 4 people! We stayed a total of 3 nights at Walid’s.
I suggest you take a taxi with driver at least one day through Walid (75 €) or half a day (35 €) to be able to visit the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens easily and easily. There are really no other solutions. We chose to visit several sites. Entrance tickets must be purchased at a ticket office at the entrance to the valleys.

rates visits of the Valley of the Kings rates visits of the Valley of the Kings ticket office for the valley of the kings

You will pay there and choose the temples you want to visit:

# Temple of Hatshepsut

The funerary temple of Hatshepsut, erected against the pink granite mountain is intact and magnificent.The whole life of the only female queen pharaoh is transcribed in the paintings. Colossi facing the sun welcome you. A small train allows the transfer to the temple. A small participation will be required for this routing. You can also make the journey on foot.

Hatsepsut Funerary Temple Hatsepsut Funerary Temple paintings of the funerary temple of Hatsepsut paintings of the funerary temple of Hatsepsut paintings of the funerary temple of Hatsepsut Hatsepsut Funerary Temple Hatsepsut Funerary Temple Hatsepsut Funerary Temple

# Tombs of nobles

Arrived at the site, we visited 3 tombs. We had not taken a guide but a guard at each entrance of the tombs offers you to make a visit with his very detailed and complete explanations. In return, you will tip him. It will cost you less than a guide. He will explain to you the paintings and hieroglyphics that are beautifully preserved. The site is very interesting and peaceful.

site of the tombs of the nobles site of the tombs of the nobles site of the tombs of the nobles tombs of the nobles tombs of the nobles tombs of the nobles tombs of the nobles tombs of the nobles

# Temple of Medinet Habou

Access to this funerary Temple of Ramses III is through a majestic door decorated with carved bas-reliefs. You will then access a courtyard where statues of Ramses III stand. You will admire the frescoes in the original colors.

Medinet Temple Habu Medinet Temple Habu Medinet Temple Habu Medinet Temple Habu

# Colossi of Memnon 

Welcome to the Colossi of Memnon ! The tour is free and quite fast. You will find yourself face to face with these 2 majestic colossi that are quite damaged.They are on the road towards the Valley of the Kings. 

Colossi of Memnon!

# Karnak temple 

I advise you to visit the temple of Karnak around 1pm. It’s a less touristy hour as all bus groups leave for lunch. The site of Karnak is beautiful and full of history. You will appreciate the immensity and beauty of the column room.

Karnak temple in Luxor Karnak temple in Luxor Karnak temple in Luxor Hall of Columns at Karnak Temple in Luxor Hall of Columns at Karnak Temple in Luxor Karnak temple in Luxor

Possibility to attend at night to a sound and light show. Personally, we have not done so.

# Luxor temple 

From Walid: Take a ferry and cross the Nile. It will cost you 5 Egyptian pounds per person. On the other bank, Luxor temple awaits you.

pier for crossing the Nile pier for crossing the Nile

Very convenient and fast! The entrance to the temple is 160 Egyptian pounds and 80 for students. We strongly recommend the international student card (13€) if you go like us with teenagers. Here is the link to get it. It is indispensable in Egypt for the number of historical sites to visit. It will be very quickly profitable with a 50% discount at the checkout. I promise you a savings gain during your stay! I advise you to make your visit to the Luxor Temple in the morning when the sun will illuminate the majestic colossi at the entrance of the temple. The photos will be more beautiful for amateurs. I went there in the afternoon and I regret a little.

Luxor temple Luxor temple Luxor temple Luxor temple Luxor temple Luxor temple

It is a magnificent vestige of ancient times to visit absolutely. Just in front of the entrance of the temple you will be able to admire the famous alley of the sphynxes! It is a long avenue consisting of more than 650 sphinxes (there were 1350 at the time). This 2.7 km ancient road connects Karnak to Luxor temple. On the side of Karnak, the sphinxes are represented with a lion’s body and a ram’s head (cf. photos temple of Karnak) while on the Luxor side, they have a lion’s body and a human head. Today, this ancient road is not open to the public.

The alley of the gods at the Luxor Temple! The alley of the gods at the Luxor Temple!

Possibility to visit Luxor temple in the evening where you will admire this very well lit building.

At the entrance of the temple stands the magnificent Obelisk alone without its twin. Do you know the story of his twin? Doesn’t it remind you of an emblematic monument of Paris located on the Place de la Concorde ? And yes! The Paris Obelisk is the twin of the Luxor Temple Obelisk. Egypt had offered this obelisk to the France in 1836. His journey to Paris will last 7 years! We can say thank you to Mr Champollion, a French Egyptologist who is the first to have deciphered the hieroglyphics.

Day 3 : Luxor again!

# Temple of Deir el-Medina

On the site Deir el-Medina, also called valley of the craftsmen you will discover the ancient foundations of the houses of the craftsmen.

Deir el-Medina Deir el-Medina Deir el-Medina Deir el-Medina Deir el-Medina Deir el-Medina

the craftsmen were in charge of the realization of the tombs of kings, queens and nobles. The most beautiful thing to see is their graves. Their access is via arduous stairs. Be careful, photos with flash are prohibited. The burials are smaller than for the Valley of the Kings, but the conservation of paintings and colors are splendid! 

Tombs Deir el-Medina Tombs Deir el-Medina Tombs Deir el-Medina Tombs Deir el-Medina Tombs Deir el-Medina Tombs Deir el-Medina

# Valley of the Kings 

The Valley of the Kings is a valley in the mountains where the deceased pharaohs were buried in their sarcophagi. Their mausoleum was dug underground in the mountain. Too bad it is not possible to visit the number of tombs you want!

Valley of the Kings Valley of the Kings

Only 3 tombs to choose from are included in the price of the site visit. Possibility to take some extra visits for 100LE. So, choose well!

prices visit Valle des rois

We recommend 3 tombs: Ramesses  IV

  Tomb Ramesses IV Tomb Ramesses IV Tomb Ramesses IV Tomb Ramesses IV

Ramesses III

Ramesses III tomb Ramesses III tomb Ramesses III tomb

Tausert and setnakht tomb

Tausert and setnakht tomb Tausert and setnakht tomb Tausert and setnakht tomb Tausert and setnakht tomb Tausert and setnakht tomb

We have chosen as an extra the tomb of Ramses V / VI which is really beautiful! You will not be disappointed by discovering the sarcophagus of Ramses VI.

tomb of Ramses V / VI tomb of Ramses V / VI tomb of Ramses V / VI tomb of Ramses V / VI

Possibility to visit the Tomb of Tutankhamun for 18 € / person. We made the choice not to visit it because all its treasures were moved to the Cairo Museum which we visited at the end of our trip. 

# Valley of the Queens

More modest than the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens is however a must.  We visited 3 tombs :

  • Tomb 52 titi
  • Then Tomb 44 Kha M Waset
  • And infin Tomb 55 sarcophagus

Tomb titi 52 Tomb titi 52 Tomb titi 52

Possibility to visit the most beautiful tomb in Egypt: that of Nerfetari, which means “the most beautiful of them”. She was Ramses 2’s favorite woman. The visit will cost you 1400 Egyptian pounds (75€ / person). We unfortunately could not visit it because there were 4 of us and it did not fit into our budget. 

# Souk of Luxor

Tourists are rare this season, our crossing of the Souk was very noticed by the sellers. They are very nice. They try to sell you their merchandise with a little insistence, but always with a smile. Small walk to do to pass the time. I wish you a good shopping and do not forget to haggle if you have decided to treat yourself to some souvenirs!

Luxor Souk Luxor Souk Luxor Souk

# Luxor Museum

Admission to the Luxor Museum will cost you 60LE/adult. During your visit, you will discover statues, mummies and weapons from the period. This museum is worth visiting even if the most important discoveries are of course in Cairo. Photos without flash are allowed with your phone. If you use a camera or camera, you will have to pay a surplus at the entrance. This museum is of course smaller compared to the Cairo Museum. The walk along the Nile to get there is very pleasant.

Luxor Museum Luxor Museum Luxor Mummy Museum Luxor Mummy Museum Luxor Mummy Museum

Day 4: On the roads of Upper Egypt!

Departing from Luxor, I suggest you get to Aswan by private taxi. Walid our host from Luxor helped us arrange the transfer. (155€ for 4 with car and private driver). The city of Aswan will be your stopping point and then you go to the south of Egypt to Abu SimbelAllow a 4-hour drive to Aswan. We had planned to cut the trip by making stops visits.

In the program:

# The Temple of Horus in Edfu 

It takes a 2-hour drive from Luxor to reach the Temple of Horus in Edfu.

Temple of Horus in Edfu

Admission will cost you 100 LE/adult and 50LE/student. This temple is beautiful and worth a stop. It is in a very good state of conservation! The Temple of Edfu is dedicated to Horus, the falcon god who embodies the protective god. Moreover, you will find it as a statue as soon as you enter and everywhere on the walls of the temple.

Temple of Horus in Edfu Temple of Horus in Edfu Temple of Horus in Edfu Temple of Horus in Edfu Temple of Horus in Edfu

The temple was built during the dynasty of Ptolemy and then was buried by sandstorms which explains its good state of conservation. Work to desensitize it began in 1860 and lasted several years.

# Kôm Ombo 

Kôm Ombo is an isolated temple perched on the heights.

Kom Ombo Egypt

Access is direct via a pier for tourists cruising on the Nile as it is built right by the river. The view is splendid.

view from Kôm Ombo view from Kôm Ombo

Possibility also to get there by car like us. Count 1 hour drive from the temple of Edfu. Admission will cost you 80LE. This temple is dedicated to 2 gods: the god Sobek (crocodile god or god of fertility) and the god Horus (falcon god who represents here the god of medicine). The whole history of the temple revolves around medicine, fertility, gods and crocodiles. Inside everything is split, the north side for the god Horus and the south side for the god Sobek. You can distinguish the 2 central aisles.

Kôm Ombo temple Kôm Ombo temple Kôm Ombo temple Kôm Ombo temple Kôm Ombo temple Kôm Ombo temple Kôm Ombo temple

At the exit, go to the crocodile museum. You will see mummified crocodiles. This tour is included in the museum ticket. 

The Crocodile Museum The Crocodile Museum

# Island of Philae temple

Welcome to the Temple of Philae! Here the magic operates as soon as you arrive with its unique access by sea.

Pier for Ile de Philae temple Pier for Ile de Philae temple

You will sail on a motorboat for 5 to 10 minutes before discovering this hidden wonder that is breathtaking. The temple of Philae is on an island in the Nile!

The Temple of Philae The Temple of Philae The Temple of Philae

This temple has been the victim 2 times of flooding of the old dam due to the floods of the Nile! We still see traces on the stones. It was then, as for Abu Simbel, moved from its original location and relocated by UNESCO to the island of Anguilkia before the construction of the new Aswan Dam to prevent it from being totally engulfed under water. It took 8 years to move the temple stone by stone. What an unimaginable and incredible job! And for the pun: a pharaonic work !!

The Temple of Philae The Temple of Philae The Temple of Philae The Temple of Philae view from The Temple of Philae view from The Temple of Philae view from The Temple of Philae The Temple of Philae

In Greek Philae means “beloved”.   This temple was dedicated to the goddess Isis. 

The Temple of Philae

Day 5 : The majestic temple of Abu Simbel!

This long-awaited big day has arrived! On the way to discover the jewel of Abu Simbel 😍. You will attend a magnificent show that will take you to the depths of Egypt. For information, the road from Aswan to Abu simbel only opens at 5am. Schedules are strict and respected.
If you want to attend the sunrise, I encourage you to go to Abu Simbel the day before and book your night not far from the temple. Be careful, hotels are expensive! Leaving at 5am, you will be on the scene at 7.30am. To get to Abu Simbel, we advise you to take a private taxi or bus.
Possibility to take a flight to Abu simbel if you have the budget. The show on the road will be spectacular because the desert will gradually reveal itself in front of you at the same time as the sunrise.

Abu Simbel desert sunrise

Attention, it is necessary to report his trip to Abu Simbel minimum 24 hours before the day of the desired departure. The driver must declare you to the police for traffic permits. I heard about a military convoy but I didn’t see anything. They opened the road, there was a control and that’s it. Abu Simbel is a must-see temple in Egypt. It is the last resting place of Ramses II. The temple is carved out of pink granite rock and it reminds me of the colors of Kazneh in Petra !

Abu Simbel Temple Abu Simbel Temple

The 4 majestic colossi represent Ramses II at different ages of his life. They look straight ahead at Lake Nasser. They’re impressive.

Abu Simbel Temple Abu Simbel Temple Abu Simbel Temple Abu Simbel TempleAbu Simbel Temple Abu Simbel Temple

This temple was saved from the waters of the Nile. UNESCO has allowed the reconstruction and relocation of the site! The work done to rebuild it is just pharaonic!

Abu Simbel Temple Abu Simbel Temple Abu Simbel Temple Abu Simbel Temple

The trip to Abu simbel is worth a visit even if the journey is long. The setting is simply idyllic! It is for my part the most beautiful of the Egyptian temples. Right next door you will find a temple dedicated to Nefertari the wife of Ramses Il. It is also splendid!

Abu Simbel Temple Abu Simbel Temple Abu Simbel Temple

On the façade of the temple of Nefertari, you will admire 6 statues including 4 representing Ramses II and 2 others representing Nerfetari while it was his temple! Count 2 hours of visit. Admission will cost you 255LE/adult.

It’s time for us to hit the road back to Luxor (7h drive). We made a stop for the night again at our friend Walid’s house at the golden palace. On the way back, we stopped in the middle of the desert to drink a karkadé (hibiscus tea).

Karkadé break! Karkadé break! mirage in the desert

We also had the chance to witness some mirages.

Day 6: On the way to Hurghada!

To get to Hurghada, we recommend either a private taxi with driver (120€) or a bus via the Go bus company. It takes a 4-hour drive from Luxor to Hurghada. Possibility to book your bus seats in advance. Leaving at 8am, you will be at your hotel around 1pm with a stop during the journey. The bus is clean, in very good condition and runs normally. Drivers are careful. Very good value for money!  The Wifi on board is very poor. There is a toilet. On arrival, enjoy your afternoon discovering your hotel and enjoying the beach or lazing around for example.

Hurgada Turttle beach Hurgada Turttle beach Hurgada Turttle beach Hurgada Turttle beach Hurgada Turttle beach

I offer you an apartment for rent on Airbnb in a very welcoming complex.  It is very clean with all the necessary amenities. On the other hand, do not expect sandy beaches, there are none on the coast of Hurgada. These are artificial gravel beaches.
On the other hand there are very beautiful beaches on the surrounding islands, as you can see in a few lines 😉

Hurgada hotel Turttle beach Hurgada hotel Turttle beach Hurgada hotel Turttle beach Hurgada hotel Turttle beach Hurgada hotel Turttle beach Hurgada hotel Turttle beach

In Hurghada, you can also rent in large resorts! It all depends on your budget! It’s up to you…. 

Day 7: Orange Bay, the island paradise

For this first day in Hurghada, I suggest you go to Orange Bay. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hurghada! It’s paradise, with white sand and turquoise blue water as far as the eye can see. For excursions, the departure by boat is at 8am and the return around 5pm.You will enjoy your walk at sea!

photo shoot excursion orange Bay photo shoot excursion orange Bay photo shoot excursion orange Bay photo shoot excursion orange Bay photo shoot excursion orange Bay photo shoot excursion orange Bay

Breakfast is offered upon arrival on the boat.

complimentary breakfast excursion Orange Bay

The tour includes a stop for banana and sofa making which are included in the price. A real moment of pleasure for everyone!

make bananas in Orange Bay! make bananas in Orange Bay! sofa in Orange Bay!

During our sea trip, we had the chance to see the dolphins. It’s always a childhood dream 😍. 

The dolphins of Orange Bay!

Welcome to Orange Bay! You will stay 2 full hours on this paradise island.

Orange Bay Beach! Orange Bay Beach! Orange Bay Beach! Orange Bay Beach! Orange Bay Beach!

Sit on a beach ottoman, enjoy the sun, this idyllic setting and drink a good beer to quench your thirst!

Drink a bear to Orange Bay Beach!

Or, explore the island and take the opportunity to take some Instagram souvenir shots. Life is good in Orange Bay.

Orange Bay shooting Orange Bay shooting Orange Bay shooting Orange Bay shooting Orange Bay shooting Orange Bay shooting Orange Bay shooting

On your return, there will be 2 snorkeling stops with 2 very nice spots to explore. Masks, snorkels and fins will be provided.

Snorkeling in Orange Bay!

The excursion will cost you 25€/person. Do not hesitate to negotiate. We went through our hosts for the excursion. They aligned themselves with the internet price after negotiations!

Day 8: Quad in the Hurghada Desert

Looking for thrills? A total change of scenery and a breath of fresh air? I invite you to book on Get your guide 3h30 of quad in the middle of the desert 😀.

The activity will cost you only 16€ / adult (price in February 2020). We had booked for an afternoon excursion. A 4×4 picks you up and takes you back to your hotel. Meet at the foot of your hotel around 1:30 p.m. and return around 6 p.m. On site, we offer you a rental of protective mask at 5 € / person to protect yourself from the sand projected by driving in the desert.It is strongly advised to take it despite its excessive price because simple sunglasses are not enough to protect you.

Quad in the Hurghada desert Quad in the Hurghada desert Quad in the Hurghada desert Quad in the Hurghada desert

Possibility to choose a quad duo or single. The price fluctuates slightly if you want a quad per person. The activity is definitely worth it! The view is breathtaking.

Hurghada Desert Hurghada Desert Hurghada Desert Hurghada DesertHurghada Desert

You will be in the heart of the Hurghada desert.  A real feeling of well-being and freedom! A micro ride (just time to take a picture) in a camel is also included in the price as well as a shisha break and coffee. 

Hurghada Desert Hurghada Desert Hurghada Desert Hurghada Desert

Day 9: Return to Cairo

# From Hurghada to Cairo 

It’s time for you to hit the road again and return to Cairo as the end of the journey approaches. I invite you again to book in advance your trip via the company Go Bus from Hurghada to Cairo (225LE/pers; possibility to take a flight or a taxi with private driver but more expensive). Departure is usually at 8am and arrival at 2pm. The bus is punctual. We had not taken a night bus for more safety but it is quite possible. You will have 5 hours drive with a 30-minute stop to eat. 

Go Bus Company Go Bus Company

# The garden of Al Azhar 

After dropping off your suitcases at the hotel and getting acquainted with the place, I invite you to walk in the one and only garden of Cairo: Al Azhar. This park is a real breath of fresh air in a relatively polluted Cairo. Admission will cost you 20LE/ adult. This park is well laid out and offers a magnificent view of Cairo and in particular the Citadel and the Mohammed Ali Mosque.

Al Azhar garden Al Azhar garden Cairo Al Azhar garden Cairo

Many Egyptian couples walk there and enjoy the calm. It is one of the only places of greenery in Cairo with fountains, palm trees and a small lake.

Al Azhar garden Cairo Al Azhar garden Cairo Al Azhar garden Cairo Al Azhar garden Cairo

You will witness a beautiful sunset over the city from this park!

sunset Al Azhar garden sunset Al Azhar garden sunset Al Azhar garden sunset Al Azhar garden sunset Al Azhar garden sunset Al Azhar garden sunset Al Azhar garden

The place is very popular for wedding photos.

Al Azhar garden wedding Al Azhar garden wedding Al Azhar garden wedding

Possibility to eat in the park. Here you will find several restaurants. I promise you a very pleasant moment! 

Day 10: Cairo and its wonders

# The Egyptian Museum in Cairo 

The Egyptian Museum opens its doors at 9am. Allow 2 to 3 hours of visit minimum. I strongly advise you to visit the museum at the end of your trip!

Egyptian Museum in Cairo Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The history of Egypt will be more exciting and interesting after following in the footsteps of the pharaohs.
The place is a must when you are passing through Cairo. Here you will find a collection of exceptional objects from ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Museum in Cairo Egyptian Museum in Cairo Egyptian Museum in Cairo Egyptian Museum in Cairo Egyptian Museum in Cairo

We look forward to the opening of the new museum at the end of 2020! The museum will be relocated outside the city, more modern. Possibility to take a guide on site or like us the backpacker’s guide where each piece of the museum is very well explained and detailed. Not to mention all the explanations given in English in the museum.
You will also have the pleasure of admiring the treasures of Tutankhamun including his sublime mask exposed in a small room specially dedicated to him! A real pleasure for the eyes!

Tutankhamun mask

Admission to the museum will cost you 160 LE/adult. Be careful, cameras will not be allowed unless you take the paid option. Lockers are available free of charge to store them if you do not take the option. A check of the bags by scan is carried out scrupulously. They also check that you are in possession of the ticket allowing you to keep your camera and use it. As for the phones it is free and allowed without paid option. If you arrive as soon as the museum opens, I advise you to start with the 2nd floor and finish with the 1st floor. This is a trick to circulate and enjoy the museum avoiding the tourist crowds!

Cairo Museum

# The citadel of Saladin

It is very pleasant to walk around the citadel of Saladin. The view of Cairo is exceptional! You can see the pyramids in the distance.

Saladin Citadel in Cairo citadel Saladin Saladin Citadel in Cairo Saladin Citadel in Cairo Saladin Citadel in Cairo Saladin Citadel in Cairo Saladin Citadel in Cairo

There are several mosques to visit on the site including the magnificent Mohammed Ali Mosque.

Mohammed Ali Mosque.

You will need to remove your shoes before entering (possibility to buy overshoes). Wear a correct outfit (pants and long sleeves preferably) and silence is de rigueur.Just before visiting the Mohammed Ali Mosque, you will cross a beautiful courtyard where you will see a tower with a copper clock. This clock was given in 1845 by Louis Philippe to Egypt in exchange for the Obelisk offered to the France. In the middle of this courtyard also stands the magnificent tomb of Mohammed Ali.

tomb of Mohammed Ali copper clock offered by the France tomb of Mohammed Ali

# The Al Rifaï and Sultan Hassan mosques 

This combo tour is a must-see in medieval Cairo. The Al-Rifai Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in Cairo. It is a wonderful spiritual place for all Muslims. 

Al-Rifai Mosque Al-Rifai Mosque Sultan Hassan Mosque Sultan Hassan Mosque Sultan Hassan Mosque Al-Rifai Mosque

# A walk in Cairo 

I suggest you walk the alleys of Cairo and soak up the way of life of the Egyptians one last time before taking your return flight.

Cairo Cairo Cairo Cairo Cairo Cairo

Do not hesitate to taste some Egyptian pastries or a delicious artisanal bread.

frabrication artisanal bread

Sit back, drink a karkadé (hibiscus tea) and smoke shisha like the majority of Egyptians.

Egyptian pastry Egyptian pastry have a drink in Cairo

In the evening, I recommend an emblematic Egyptian tourist restaurant ” Felfela “. The meat is excellent and the appetizers very filling. The food is fresh. This is an upscale restaurant in Cairo. The tax on the service and cutlery is 14% and the prices are a bit high.

Felfela restaurant Cairo Felfela restaurant Cairo Felfela restaurant Cairo

The decoration has charm and the service is ok.

That’s it, it’s the end of our stay in this beautiful pharaonic country. There is so much to do and see! I highly recommend Egypt.

If you want to discover even more activities and places to visit in Egypt, we invite you to click on the banner below:

I hope you have made a pleasant trip with me and I tell you very soon for a next MyOxyBubble destination!

Feel free to leave your comments on this article and share your own experiences (the form can be found a little further down).
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  • In Egypt, the distances are great between the different tourist points. There are many ways to get around:
    – domestic flights for travel between Cairo, Luxor Abu Simbel, Hurgada etc. Safe, fast but also much more expensive
    – Buses. We recommend the GoBus company, by far the most punctual and safe, with recent and maintained buses. It is also the cheapest transport but also the longest
    – Private car with driver (VTC). You have to choose your company well to have recent, maintained cars and a driver with a safe driving.
    We went through our hosts and had nothing to complain about, everything was perfect.
    It is a safe transport, more expensive than the bus, and less than the plane, with the advantage of adapting perfectly to your schedule since it is you who decide the departure times.
  • Renting a car is almost impossible unless you speak and write Egyptian Arabic. Most trips between cities must be reported to the police, at least 24 hours before. The VTC companies therefore take care of all the administrative formalities for you.
    You will need to provide photocopies of each passenger’s passport for this. We recommend that you make several copies before leaving.
  • For buses and VTCs, we recommend that you avoid night trips for (road) safety reasons. Indeed, many fatal accidents are to be deplored on the roads. For our part, even if we could see that the rules of the road were not quite the same as at home and not really respected, we never felt in danger.
    There are many military checkpoints on tourist routes, They help to ensure security. It is therefore rather reassuring and should not be seen as something worrying.
    Some roads are forbidden to tourists and reserved for Egyptians. Don’t venture there. These roads do not have checkpoints and the risk of kidnapping tourists is higher.
  • For travel inside Cairo: do not take a taxi because they are 10 times more expensive than Uber.Buy a SIM card at 12€ in a Vodafone store because it is difficult to find wifi in Cairo. The price includes a local call of 20 min and internet. It will be useful for you to order your Uber. I advise you to install the application before leaving. Your SIM card will pay for itself from day one.
  • Book your flight on Skyscanner. We  paid a return flight paris-Cairo at 261€ per person in February, The price is very advantageous because it is a less touristic season. In addition, the weather is ideal at this time for visits. We enjoyed temperatures at 25 degrees. 


  • The currency is the Egyptian pound. 1 € is worth about 18 LE. Be careful to always keep some cash on you because the CB is not accepted outside the big cities.
  • In Egypt, the price of admissions to the main tourist sites fluctuates enormously, up or down depending on the economic and geo-political context. In February 2020 (just before COVID 19), tourism was recovering strongly and prices were rising sharply. They had more than doubled compared to what was stated in the last edition of our travel guide.

Before you go

– Do not forget to check that your passport is still valid.
– A visa is required. You can do this before leaving via the site, minimum 7 days before. It costs $ 25
– Take a medical certificate, your license and dive book if you want to snorkel in Hurgada.
– There is no need for special vaccines, but as everywhere It is better to be up to date with your DTP and hepatitis A.
– For electrical outlets, it is the same as in France, no adapter to provide ..
– Depending on the season, do not forget the sun protection, glasses, hats ..

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