Birth of the blog

The birth of the Myoxybubble blog

After reading the About us page of this blog, would you like to know even more?
So, here’s how the idea for the MyOxyBubble blog came about:

Every time we came back from our (many) trips, our friends always asked us the same question: Which agency did you go through?

And when we told them that we had organized everything ourselves (flights, accommodation, car rental, program etc.) their reaction was invariably as follows:
How did you do it? It must be complicated. or: We try to do the same, but we don’t get the same result…

Some also advised me to organize tailor-made trips for others. What do you think?

I already published on Facebook and Instagram the photos of our trips and had positive feedback on their quality and on the fact that I made people travel and dream through these publications.

And then, I do not know how and when precisely the idea came to me, but I decided to make my own travel and photo blog in order to:
– keep a more precise record of our travels and our memories
– to discover, dream and travel as many people as possible through my articles
– but above all to help and accompany my future readers in the realization of their travels, by giving them as much guidance and advice as possible.

And here! After a few (many) hours of brainstorming to find the name and make a logo, Myoxybubble was born!

Like any adventure, I do not know where this blog will take me, as far as possible I wish.
And I hope that you, dear reader, will find in the latter what you came to look for, and maybe a little more. In any case I do everything for. I write 100% of the content myself. All the photos were taken by myself (or my family who accompany me on my adventures).
I also tested all the hotels, restaurants and other services that I recommend. In short, Myoxybubble is an authentic blog, which aims to encourage you to travel by yourself and not via a tour operator. Travel is above all freedom.That of being able to modify your program along the way, to stay longer in a place where you feel good or on the contrary to shorten if the weather is not favorable. The trip is also taking the time to meet the local population.

If you have the same philosophy of life, then you will recognize yourself in this blog. If you do not dare to leave by yourself, you will find here the advice that will allow you to take the plunge.

Feel free to subscribe (it’s a little lower). You can also contact me here, Sabrina

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