A summer in Finland

voyage valise  voyage en famille moyen budgetDrapeau Finlande
Travel made in August 2022
Duration : 10 days 

Welcome to Finland !!

Welcome to Myoxybubble Finland, the land of 1000 lakes! This country has 2 facets depending on the season: in winter, the magic of the aurora borealis operates at nightfall; in summer, the days will be long and sunny!
Nature lovers will be delighted by a forest of fir trees as far as the eye can see and the air that is more than pure! Finland offers a multitude of activities in total harmony with nature such as hiking, camping, swimming in lakes, picking berries, fishing or meeting animals such as bears, reindeer or squirrels. It is the country of happy people par excellence!
Are you ready to spend a summer in Finland? Yes ? So follow me on new Myoxybubble adventures!

Our itinerary

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A summer in Finland !

Day 1 : Helsinki

# Arrival at Helsinski

For your flight, the Finnish company Finnair will offer you flights at affordable prices. I recommend that you do your flight search with Skyscanner. For a road trip in Finland, you will absolutely need to rent a car. We recommend that you pick up your vehicle at Alamo; the value for money is good. A deposit of 300€ not debited will be requested on site. If you want an additional driver, you will only pay an extra €25. You must also take into account that in the event of damage to the car, an excess of 2000€ max may be debited.

Be careful, Finland is a country that has a lot of speed cameras. I’m not talking about a control every 20km but almost every kilometre! Finns are subject to a very strict speed limit. There are animals that can cross at any time, including reindeer. On the main roads, you can drive at 100 or 120 km/h. The roads are wide and beautiful.
In reality, this succession of radars is due to a high death rate on the road. Drunk driving was the main cause. The government then established this device to limit accidents. The price of the fine is calculated in proportion to the salary. Finnish drivers are now zen behind the wheel, take an example!

# What is the weather like in Finland in summer ?

In July and August, the thermometer exceeds 20°C. Summer is relatively hot and conducive to vacations for tourists who love nature and hiking. Unlike the winter season, cold and dimly lit, the country enjoys long sunny days in summer.

# What to do in 1 day in Helsinki ?

Our road trip in Finland was programmed in order to recharge your batteries in the heart of a nature composed mainly of lakes, forests and wild animals. We wanted a total disconnection from the urban rhythm that we experience daily in the Paris region. A real let go!

We have therefore chosen to devote only one day to the discovery of the Finnish capital!

First observation, life is expensive in Helsinki! A little advice, avoid going there by car because the car parks are overpriced! Count 33€ per day. We parked in the underground car park located opposite the train station called “Helsinki Central Station”. Ditto, in a café, you will pay a simple soda 8€!

On the plus side, Finland is the cradle of modern art and design. Do not hesitate to stroll through the streets of Helsinki and cross the doorstep of small Finnish furniture designer shops.

l’art moderne et du design de Finlande

Again, you have to have the budget but it’s worth a look! For people fond of this style, I invite you to go to the design museum where you can discover the history of Finnish design.
The city of Helsinki also has many unmissable monuments with unusual architecture. Among them, don’t miss the following religious buildings: Helsinki Lutheran Cathedral, Uspensky Cathedral or St. John’s Church

Cathédrale Luthérienne d’Helsinki Cathédrale Ouspenski Cathédrale Ouspenski l’église saint jean Helsinki église st jean HELSINSKI Cathédrale Ouspenski la Cathédrale Ouspenski

The national library is also a must see! It has a very refined interior architecture with its wood paneling and old books. the ceiling decoration has been beautifully preserved since 1881.

La libraire nationale de Finlande La libraire nationale de Finlande La libraire nationale de Finlande La libraire nationale de Finlande

That’s wonderful ! It is the largest public library in Finland.

Be careful, in Helsinki, the walking distances between each point of interest are quite long. If necessary, the city is served by trams, buses, bicycles or electric scooters. Parking and travel in the capital remains a significant additional cost to plan for during your stay. Fortunately, it is possible to obtain transport tickets for the day, with no limit on one-way trips.

# Where to eat in Helsinki

Peckish ? For breakfast or a snack, stop by the Café Levain. The location is cozy. Sourdough being their specialty, do not hesitate to taste a good bread or a brioche. They are delicious!

"café Levain" Finlande "café Levain" Finlande "café Levain" Finlande

For lunch, we recommend the unmissable market square called Kauppatori. This offers a direct view of the harbour. The market takes place every day. The square is surrounded by lovely historical buildings including the Uspenski Church, the Presidential Palace and the Supreme Court.

marché appelée " Kauppatori" marché appelée " Kauppatori" marché appelée " Kauppatori" marché appelée " Kauppatori"

You will taste many regional specialties such as fish soup, fried fish or salmon.
The market square is also the departure point for the ferries.
Possibility to go to the sea fortress of Suomenlinna which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a set of 6 interconnected islands facing Helsinki. The crossing will only cost you a few euros. The journey will take 15 minutes. There is a departure every 20 minutes. Other boat trips along the coast are also possible. For convenience, vending machines are available on the port quay for the purchase of your tickets.

port d'Helsinki

Need a little corner of greenery away from the hustle and bustle of the capital? Head to Sibelius Park in Helsinski! It is located in the Taka-Töölö district of Helsinki in Finland. But who is this famous Jean Sibelius? He is a Finnish composer of classical music.

parc Sibelius à Helsinski!

He studied violin and composition at the Helsinki Conservatory and in other countries. Artist Eila Hiltunen paid homage to him in a park in Helsinki by creating a huge and beautiful work resembling an organ with more than 600 metal pipes.
This park has nothing exceptional except this masterpiece!

parc Sibelius à Helsinski! parc Sibelius à Helsinski! parc Sibelius à Helsinski! parc Sibelius à Helsinski!

And to discover even more activities in Helsinki, I invite you to click on the banner below:

Day 2 : The village of Porvoo

# A day in Porvoo

Leaving from Helsinki, allow a short hour’s journey to get to the charming little medieval village of Porvoo!
Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland, after Turku.

# What to do in Porvoo ?

The old town of Porvoo is a must! It is the most photographed city in Finland. You won’t be able to miss the small wooden cabins painted fursac red along the river. Their reflections in the river will leave you dreaming.

La vielle ville de Porvoo La vielle ville de Porvoo La vielle ville de Porvoo La vielle ville de Porvoo La vielle ville de Porvoo

Do not hesitate to call on a local guide to help you discover the medieval village and learn more about its history.

You will inevitably pass by the royal road which once crossed the old bridge which leads to the heart of the old town. The visit will charm you with the architecture of the colorful houses, the restaurants and the many old shops offering local products for sale. Be careful, the Finns don’t work a lot! Many businesses only open from 11 am to 5 pm.

vielle ville de Porvoo vielle ville de Porvoo vielle ville de Porvoo vielle ville de Porvoo vielle ville de Porvoo

Don’t forget to visit the majestic Porvoo Cathedral! The interior is quite austere but worth a look.

cathédrale de Porvoo cathédrale de Porvoo

At the exit of the latter, bring a map of the city available in several languages. The latter offers a walking tour itinerary with all the points of interest not to be missed on Porvoo! It has been very useful to us.

plan de la ville de Porvoo

This map of Porvoo allowed us to discover the fortified castle hill. It offers a breathtaking view of the village! The walk is located along the river and has a cycle and pedestrian path. The start is on the right at the level of the old bridge. We were able to launch our drone and get a great view of the pretty medieval village of Porvoo.

castle hill Porvoo

This place dating from the Middle Ages is calm and relaxing with its surrounding nature. Too bad the wooden castle of the time no longer exists! On site, panels describe in detail the history of the region. Pretty wooden bridges cross the hill. I recommend !

castle hill Porvoo castle hill Porvoo

# Where to sleep near Porvoo ?

Having organized my trip at the last minute (purchase of plane tickets 48 hours before departure), unfortunately there were no more rentals available in Porvoo. So we stayed in Sipoo, located a few kilometers from Porvoo, in the middle of nature! I can advise you to take one or more nights with the charming Helena. You will be immersed in a Zen nature setting! The location of the accommodation overlooks the sea.

The sunsets are splendid!

The place is unique and peaceful with the sea and a pine forest as a backdrop. A sauna in the middle of nature, an ecological house and above all silence complete the picture. The sauna is included in the price with unlimited access.

In winter, the ice is so thick that it is possible to walk on the lake. Helena told me that at this time of year, a round of ice is broken to allow a striking swim right after a good sauna!

The sauna is one of Finland’s most famous traditions. I challenge you to try this Finnish experience by jumping into a frozen lake right after the sauna! Feeling this contrast between cold and hot must be an unforgettable experience! I can’t even imagine the beauty of the place under a beautiful white coat!
Several activities are possible at Helena. For your well-being, you will be able to practice meditation or yoga. A room dedicated to calm and relaxation is available.

salle de yoga et meditation chez Helena

Helena also provides a canoe at no additional cost. Its accommodation is eco-responsible. Here, we respect nature! She is vegan and offers salad from her own garden as well as a delicious syrup made with flowers collected in the wild. The breakfast included in the price is also homemade. For our part, it consisted of porridge, blueberries picked up in the woods, fresh homemade bread coming out of the oven, cheese and salad from the garden.

Helena is without contest a very welcoming and pleasant host. I regret not having stayed there longer. Only one night is too short at Helena! I would love to go back there in the winter. The sunshine being limited to this period in Finland, I suggest you try the experience around mid-January or February when the days get longer. It is daylight from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The night remains clear all the same with the reverberation of the moon on the snow. The experience is feasible over a 4-day weekend, the accommodation being only 50km from Helsinki.

Day 3 : Discovering Repovesi Park!

# Repovesi National Park

Allow 2 hours drive from Porvoo to Repovesi Park.
We advise you during your stay in Finland to use the AllTrails application for your hikes. Tracks are simple and it’s easy to navigate with this app.
We were thus able to take beautiful hikes such as those on the rabbitsalmi bridge road or the ketunlenkki loop.

parc national de repovesi!

The loop is 3.5km. The hike is easy, peaceful and relaxing. It is suitable for the whole family.

parc national de repovesi! parc national de repovesi! parc national de repovesi! parc national de repovesi! parc national de repovesi!

It is a forest hike that allows you to discover several lakes served by a few pontoons. Don’t forget your bathing suits!

parc national de repovesi!

On site, possibility to rent a canoe upon your arrival at the car park.

le parc national de repovesi! Canoe au parc national de repovesi!

If you opt for the walk like us, adults and children will appreciate crossing the Lapinsalmi bridge crossing Kapiavesi. The view there is magnificent!

pont lapinsalmi au parc national Repovesi pont lapinsalmi au parc national Repovesi

Ditto, do not miss the crossing with the fox ferry Ketunlossi with manual control!

fox ferry ketunlossi fox ferry ketunlossi

The experience is fun!

You will find that the national parks in Finland are incredibly well laid out for the hiker. There are many dry toilets, rest shelters or refuges available free of charge.

parc national de repovesi! parc national de repovesi!

The tradition in Finland is to bring your sausages and grill them over a wood fire! It’s a 100% Finnish experience, really nice and typical! The sites are equipped with shelters with BBQ and outdoor fireplaces with already cut wood available and a saw if necessary. The bivouac is authorized.

parc national de repovesi! parc national de repovesi! parc national de repovesi! parc national de repovesi!

Be careful in summer, it is still preferable to use barbecues under shelter for more safety. This limits the fires which can take place very quickly in pine vegetation!

Parc national de Repovesi

Fines are very expensive. If you set the fire, it’s your responsibility! In Finland, nature is preserved. Finns are very eco-responsible. I invite you to destroy your own waste if possible by burning it or throwing it in a recycling bin.
In Finland, access to nature is guaranteed by law. This includes wild camping, if of course you follow a few basic rules, such as not settling in a cultivated area, too close to homes or on beaches.

# Where to sleep near Repovesi ?

Come and discover a little wonder for only 20€ per night! Drive 50 min to get to Vanha Aita. Do you dream of living an authentic experience in a small house painted in falun red called Mokkï in Finland? This pigment is made in Sweden from slag from the Falun copper mine. The ore is cooked at high temperature in ovens which, depending on the cooking time, give a pigment that ranges from red to black. Be careful, the experience is authentic and rustic!

Mokkï en Finlande Mokkï en Finlande Mokkï en Finlande Mokkï en Finlande

The room was fitted out in an old small farm. The dry toilets are located outside. The place is dedicated to adventurers. On site, the hosts will offer you a sauna for only €15 per session. It is a traditional sauna heated over a wood fire. The particularity of this sauna is that it is immersed in an exceptional setting, in the middle of a pine forest. The place is out of sight and has its own private lake.

Mokkï en Finlande Mokkï en Finlande Mokkï en Finlande

Do not hesitate to take a dip in the lake between your sauna sessions to refresh yourself. Essential oils are available. Do not hesitate to put a few drops in the water which you will then project on the lava stones to create steam. In Finland, your shower will always be taken in a sauna. You will shampoo and rinse inside it in the traditional way. The experience is authentic!

sauna traditionel en Finlande sauna traditionel en Finlande

Drains are provided for waste water. This place, with its pond, is very well equipped: campfire and all the equipment available.

Vanha Aita feux de camp Vanha Aita feux de camp Vanha Aita feux de camp Vanha Aita feux de camp Vanha Aita feux de camp

Day 4 : Direction the great lakes of Finland

# Hyyppäänvuori hill

To avoid the hassle of finding Hyyppäänvuori hill, here is the exact address: Saviontie 869, 41400 Laukaa, Finland.
Arrived at this intersection, turn left!

Colline de Hyyppäänvuori

I invite you not to use Waze but rather Google Map like everywhere in Finland. It turned out that the latter was much more accurate! Google Map will take you directly to the starting point of the hike.

Colline de Hyyppäänvuori Colline de Hyyppäänvuori Colline de Hyyppäänvuori

The latter is a loop. This hike offers breathtaking scenery of Lake Lievestuore and the surrounding area. I also enjoyed admiring the magnificent deadwood tree that adorns the decor when you arrive!

Colline de Hyyppäänvuori Colline de Hyyppäänvuori Colline de Hyyppäänvuori Colline de Hyyppäänvuori Colline de Hyyppäänvuori

As indicated, you are going to have to climb to the top of a hill. The climb is easy even if it is a little steep. The route is well marked. The forest is full of moss and has green vegetation.

Colline de Hyyppäänvuori Colline de Hyyppäänvuori Colline de Hyyppäänvuori Colline de Hyyppäänvuori

The landscape is varied with beautiful compositions of stones shaped by nature.

Colline de Hyyppäänvuori Colline de Hyyppäänvuori

You can pick up berries offered in abundance by this generous nature, such as currants and blueberries. Mushroom lovers will also be delighted! Picking them is very common in Finland. Be careful though because they are not all edible! I was able to recognize some boletes but I am not a mycologist.

bolet en Finlande cueillettes des baies en Finlande champignon de Finlande cueillettes des baies en Finlande cueillettes des baies en Finlande champignon de Finlande

Just a little advice, bring mosquito repellent! It is also better to opt for loose and long clothes, otherwise you will get eaten!

# Where to sleep near Hyyppäänvuori ?

From the hill of Hyyppa, count 50min to get to your new accommodation. The farm cottage is located in Konnevesi Chez Tanja Poikonen. We suggest you sleep once again in a very basic but charming little red cabin. If you want a typical Finnish experience, you’ve come to the right place!

airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja

This little mokki is immersed in the heart of the Finnish countryside. It can accommodate up to 4 people. For your comfort, it even has electricity, a fridge and wifi. Your little love nest will be located on a beautiful and huge property!

airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja

Just behind your little shed hides another very old cabin dating from 1755. Inside the latter are hidden period objects such as a stroller, tools or even an old child’s shoe!

airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja

This property tells a great story. It is older than the Palace of Versailles and dates from 1563!! The oldest houses were dismantled and “new” houses were built.

airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja

The houses are very well preserved. This farm and its land have therefore belonged to the same family for 460 years.
Inside, there are the remains of the estates. In front of this building, stands the flag representing the coat of arms of the family.

airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja  airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja

Possibility to rent the house via Airbnb and feel like a king or a queen! I promise you a nice return to the past! This residence has a huge period living room, a beautiful kitchen and several bedrooms. The house can accommodate several families.

airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja

For information, Tanja has several charming little outbuildings which are also for rent. You can find them all on Airbnb.

airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja

During your stay, you will have unlimited access to a beautiful sauna with terrace.

airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja

Everything will be included in the price! No extra charge needed to use it.

airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja

You will feel at home at Tanja! Everything is thought out to make you feel at home!
The sauna has a very cozy modern Savoyard decoration. On site, a coffee maker, warm blankets, shampoo will be at your disposal. A supply of nearby cut wood is available to refill the sauna stove.
In the evening, I advise you to light a small campfire to warm yourself up! You will once again enjoy cooking your meat on the grill. The crackling of the wood at nightfall is a real pleasure!

The sauna terrace offers a direct view of the fields. The latter are equipped with an electric fence because wolves frequently come at night to attack the sheep. A camera was installed to spot them.

airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja

The estate also has a second very old sauna located by the lake. The view from the latter is exceptional! A boat and its oars are at your disposal free of charge. You will be able to take nice walks. The place is really peaceful and beautiful. Do not hesitate to jump into the water!

airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja

I dare not even imagine the beauty of the place under the snow! In winter, our guests break the ice to swim in it right after a sauna session! I challenge you to this experiment!

As already indicated above, the mokkis have no indoor toilets. You will have to take your old-fashioned shower directly in the sauna. Either with fresh and invigorating water or with lukewarm water by mixing cold water with hot water heated by the wood stove as in the days of our grandmothers. There is a small water tank next to the wood stove which allows you to heat the water during your session.

airbnb Konnevesi chez Tanja

When your stay is over, you will only want to stay a little longer or come back. I recommend 100% this cottage with the very kind host and queen Tanja Pokonien!

Day 5 : Meet the Finnish bears !

Myoxybubble went to meet the Finnish bears! Come and read the article dedicated to this special adventure!!

Day 6 : From kuhmo to Nuuksio !

Be careful, the road from Kuhmo to Nuuksio will be long! You will have an 8 hour drive. You will have to take this long journey into account in your planning.

Indeed, our itinerary has been drawn and based entirely in order to be able to realize the dream of observing bears in their natural environment on the Finnish-Russian border. Do not hesitate to cut the journey with a stop if your schedule allows it.

# Where to sleep near Nuuksio ?

I definitely recommend Poppelstrand Nuuksio, a pet friendly guest apartment located in the village of Espoo, just 30km from Heslinski.
Poppelstrand is a very good starting point to go to Nuuksio National Park. The park is only 7km from the accommodation. As soon as you arrive at Poppelstrand, you will be pleasantly welcomed by Rachel and her husband.

"Poppelstrand Nuuksio, pet friendly guest apartment "

Pets are welcome here!
The apartment has a decoration that immerses you in the atmosphere of a mountain chalet. The latter is located on a green field. the accommodation is fully equipped. You will feel at home there. Nothing is missing !

Poppelstrand Nuuksio, pet friendly guest apartment Poppelstrand Nuuksio, pet friendly guest apartment Poppelstrand Nuuksio, pet friendly guest apartment

You will benefit from a bedroom area equipped with a television and wifi, a kitchen area with all the cooking utensils necessary for cooking such as a hob, a microwave or a coffee maker. For your comfort, the private bathroom has a washing machine (detergent is provided) and its toilet.
In the early morning, you will enjoy breakfast on your terrace and take advantage of the pretty garden that surrounds the property. For information, Rachel and her husband are currently building unusual accommodation on their land which should soon be rentable from next summer. I guarantee you a moment of escape in the heart of nature!

The accommodation is located near very beautiful hikes that can be done on foot. Rachel is a charming host who has good advice. She will be able to guide you to beautiful walks around Epsoo in summer and winter (possibility of cross-country skiing or dog sledding in the area).

If Rachel really likes you, she may show you her favorite place. A place where she empties herself when she needs it! Unfortunately, I have neither the name nor the address of this secret place but I fully respect and understand this choice. The place said will lead you to a lake and then to a cave dating back more than 5 million years.

"Poppelstrand Nuuksio, pet friendly guest apartment " "Poppelstrand Nuuksio, pet friendly guest apartment "

There you will find a small red mailbox. It’s Santa’s mailbox! At Christmas time, the children really leave their wishes there. A ranger collects the envelopes to be read. Having the soul of a child, I then deposited my letter to Santa Claus!

Finlande Nuuksio Finlande Nuuksio Finlande Nuuksio Finlande Nuuksio

Rachel offers activities with supplements such as a sauna, a jacuzzi or Canadian canoeing.

Day 7 : Nuuksio and its surrondings

# Canoe trip

If you stay with Rachel, I strongly advise you to rent her authentic Canadian canoe, either for the day or half-day (price between 30 and 50€).

Espoo cano canadien Espoo cano canadien

You will paddle freely on Lake Nuuksion pitkä järvi which means the long lake of Nuuksio. The latter is 7km!

le lac "Nuuksion pitkä järvi"

To get there, you will take a stretch of river from Rachel’s garden with lush and exotic vegetation invaded by magnificent Japanese horsetails, water lilies and lotus flowers. A real little Garden of Eden.

le lac "Nuuksion pitkä järvi" le lac "Nuuksion pitkä järvi" le lac "Nuuksion pitkä järvi"

Keep your eyes open because it is not uncommon to see a few deer at the edge of the water coming to quench their thirst!

The river portion will take you to a dam. From there, you will have to pull the canoe about ten meters to slide it on Lake Nuuksion pitkä järvi.

barrage abordanr le lac "Nuuksion pitkä järvi"

The Canadian canoe is an atypical boat that allows you to navigate in a very comfortable way. You will have no difficulty moving forward. Unlike canoeing, Canadian canoeing is practiced with a single paddle. For your safety, your host provides life jackets. Nuuksio Lake offers a soothing, exceptional and preserved setting. You will be amazed!

 le lac "Nuuksion pitkä järvi"  le lac "Nuuksion pitkä järvi"  le lac "Nuuksion pitkä järvi"  le lac "Nuuksion pitkä järvi"

# Espoo and Sorlampi nature trail

Sorlampi nature trail is a hiking circuit in Espoo in Finland. The starting point starts 3 minutes walk from Poppelstrand appartment
The Sorlampi forest is a primary forest. It has not been modified by man. You will be immersed in the heart of a forest on the ground covered with a carpet of moss and different species of ferns. This green bog offers exceptional biodiversity! In Sorlampi, nature takes over. It is not uncommon to encounter dead trees lying down or even uprooted. It is an ideal place to go on an adventure alone or with friends.


Be careful, I advise you to stay on the marked trail because you could get lost very quickly! my son and I got lost for about ten minutes. We went deep into a dense forest worthy of Jurassic Park!

There was an exciting side to being lost in this jungle but also very scary when we finally realized that there were no more markings on the trees to show us the way. So we turned around! It was not so easy for us to find our way back, especially as night was beginning to fall!

This forest exudes something mystical. On our way, we discovered fresh tracks of wild animals. A second time, we had a little scare! Bear or Wolverine? After study, we suggest the passage of a wolverine! The Wolverine is also known by its English name of Wolverine in Finland. This animal can be very dangerous and aggressive. Sometimes he attacks or kills a reindeer or a bear. The footprint measured about 15 cm. We were able to distinguish several footprints of different animal species.

For the record, the only animals we finally met were cute little harmless squirrels and ducks on the lake of Sorlampi!

Day 8 : Hike in Nuuksio Park

The forest of Nuuksio National Park is superb. You will walk in a very beautiful forest of fir trees which resembles those of the Vosges. Personally, I rather have a penchant for a wilder and more authentic nature like that of the Sorlampi forest. The site is well laid out but very touristy. For example, It has an area equipped with a sauna. Everything is planned for the adventurer!
Do not hesitate to camp there! There is cut wood available and fireplaces to warm up or cook your food like everywhere in Finland.
Nuuksio Forest is also perfect for families with small children.

On site, several itineraries will be available to you. They will be marked in blue, red or yellow. The view of the lakes and rock formations is magnificent. The site must be more interesting in winter because there are cross-country ski trails.
I advise you to stop at the information point. Possibility of fishing, picking up berries or even renting a canoe on site for a family or romantic outing on Lake Nuuksio.


Day 9 : Discovering Finnish villages

# Mathildedal, the village of alpacas !

In Finland, the winter is dark, long and cold. It is important to wear appropriate, warm and soft clothing. In the charming little village of Mathildedal hides an alpaca breeding farm which allows the manufacture and sale of warm clothing in alpaca wool such as sweaters, hats or gloves to spend a cozy winter.

laine Alpaga Mathildedal vêtement chaud confectionner avec la laine d'Alpaga Laine Alpaga Laine Alpaga laine Alpaga Mathildedal

I invite you to go to the pasture to admire the funny alpacas! The attraction appeals to adults and children alike.
He is a very funny headed llama especially when he chews! Indeed, his face features different expressions such as sticking out his tongue, smiling or having his teeth in front. You will also appreciate her very trendy curly haircut! The alpaca is a very stylish animal!

Alpaga à Mathildedal Alpaga à Mathildedal Alpaga à Mathildedal Alpaga à Mathildedal Alpaga à Mathildedal

Continue your visit to Mathildedal by going to the old mill, then to the small port.

vieux moulin Mathildedal port Mathildedal

Mathildedal is an old craft village made up of many stalls. It is good to stroll through these small craft shops.

boutiques artisanales Mathildedal boutiques artisanales Mathildedal boutiques artisanales Mathildedal boutiques artisanales Mathildedal

Like Salo, it is a historic forge village.

village historique de forge Mathildedal village historique de forge Mathildedal village historique de forge Mathildedal village historique de forge Mathildedal

# A little hungry in Mathildedal ?

I recommend Petris Chocolate which is an old school building transformed into a chocolate factory!

"Petris Chocolate" Mathildedal "Petris Chocolate" Mathildedal

Indeed, the interior decoration reflects the shops of our grandmothers or old-fashioned films. Take a seat at a table in the shop or outside in the small garden to enjoy delicious homemade chocolates or a good slice of cake.

"Petris Chocolate" Mathildedal "Petris Chocolate" Mathildedal "Petris Chocolate" Mathildedal "Petris Chocolate" Mathildedal "Petris Chocolate" Mathildedal "Petris Chocolate" Mathildedal "Petris Chocolate" Mathildedal

I can recommend another address: Mathildedal’s Village Bakery. Please note that the shop is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The opening and closing hours are from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. the other days of the week. They are famous for their delicious cinnamon rolls!

"Mathildedal's Village Bakery ” "Mathildedal's Village Bakery ”

# Teijo national Park

A stone’s throw from the village of Mathildedal is the Teijo National Park. Like all the other national parks, very beautiful hikes surrounded by forest and lakes are available to you.

# Fiskars, the village of the impressionists!

From Teijo National Park, drive 45 minutes towards the old blacksmith village called Fiskars.

village de Fiskars village de Fiskars

Indeed, for a long time blacksmiths crafted local tools in iron or copper of very good quality. To this day, the Fiskars brand remains very well known! Remember the pair of universal scissors with an orange handle!

When you arrive, it will be pleasant for you to stroll along the edge of the river. You will admire art and design around every corner. Indeed, the Impressionists let their imagination run wild. A sign for each work will explain the story of creation such as that of the sculpted tree or the enchanted tree. The walk will leave you dreaming like a Claude Monet!

You will never tire of admiring the reflection of each building in the water of the river. A true masterpiece! Nature alone is a work of art, a painting!

village de Fiskars village de Fiskars village de Fiskars village de Fiskars

To complete your cultural visit to the very pretty village of Fiskars, do not hesitate to enter the small shops located along the road. In each back shop, you can see the craftsmen working on leather and glass, for example. Souvenirs at Fiskars are not cheap but of exceptional quality.

After the discovery of these villages, it is now necessary to return to Helsinski, 1 hour away.

That’s the end of our trip. It’s time for us to reach the airport and return our vehicle after filling up on nature, well-being and discoveries!

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My advice


For a road trip, we obviously advise you to rent a vehicle.
We went through the Alamo rental company for our rental and everything went well.


The Finnish road network is equipped with an impressive number of radars, almost every km, including on isolated and little frequented roads.
In addition, the amount of the fines is proportional to the income of the person in violation. We therefore advise you to use the cruise control if your vehicle is equipped with it.
You have to pay attention to radars but also to wild animals, especially reindeer which can cross the road.
Other than that, the roads are in excellent condition and Finns drive carefully.


The currency is of course the euro.
Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.

Before leaving

Do not forget to check that your passport or identity document is still valid. No visa required.
There is no need for special vaccines.
For electrical outlets, they are identical to those in France.
Don’t forget the mosquito repellent.

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