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This virtual journey that MyOxybubble offers you through reading my articles can one day become reality for you. Each of my articles offers you a pure moment of escape and discovery of the country in question. Today, MyOxybubble integrates Google Earth to project you even more into your future journey.

Have you ever flown in? My favorite place is of course the one next to the porthole! This square that allows you to admire our planet from the sky. This adventure is amazing to experience. From your porthole, you can admire live the landscapes from the sky during the flight over continents, cities, mountains, deserts, oceans. You also have the privilege of traveling in the clouds, then above the clouds and admiring the sunrise or sunset.

Google Earth allows you to have this same experience, with a few sensations less, from your chair. I invite you to discover each of the countries I tell you about in my articles through a Google Earth personalized by MyOxybubble! All the destinations I tell you about on my blog are pre-recorded to make you discover them in another way.

If you are browsing this blog from a mobile, and in order to fully enjoy the MyOxybubble Earth experience, I invite you to download the Google Earth application :


Launch the MyOxyBubble Earth experience!

Once the project is loaded, click
Then scroll through the destinations with the < > arrows at the bottom left of the screen. You can also click on contents to go directly to a pre-registered destination.
You can also interrupt the reading at any time and with your mouse explore and fly over our beautiful planet that has so many wonders to make us discover !

I wish you a safe trip.


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