About this blog

Hello bubblers !!

Sabrina Myoxybubble
My name is Sabrina, I work in a pharmacy and as I care about your health, I want to share my oxygen bubble with you. And as you will have understood my bubble, it’s the journey!

And yes ! Our modern lives involve a very busy schedule and daily stress; we are all looking for our breath of fresh air to find a healthy and peaceful rhythm of life.

The world is like an aquarium. We are stuck in our daily grind, like fish going around in circles in a jar.

So, escape for a moment. Close your eyes and inhale a big shot! Here you are transported in MyOxyBubble, this bubble of oxygen that are my travels, and which will one day, I hope, become yours thanks to this blog.
It was created so that you can travel through these items, like an air bubble that circulates freely from one country to another.

So, happy reading ! And do not hesitate to contact me if you need advice or simply to exchange.


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