Jordan, my favorite trip!

Jordanie, mon voyage coup de coeur

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Travel made in January 2018
Duration: 8 days

Welcome to Jordan !!

Jordan, a country where one of the 7 new wonders of the world is located: Petra!
Many people around us associate Jordan with a dangerous country, because it is close to Syria, Israel and Iraq! So, I answer you right away: Jordan is a very safe country!! Jordanians are lovely, respectful and ready to help and guide you. At no time did we feel insecure.

I strongly advise you to make this trip without going through an agency., to take your backpack and venture on the Jordanian roads because the landscapes are breathtaking. You can go there with your eyes closed. You will feel like the kings of the world because there are still quite few tourists. Jordan is my favorite!! It’s just beautiful!! Everything is beautiful and there is so much to see, not just Petra, many sites are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If I were selfish, I would tell you not to go there in order to preserve this wonder of mass tourism and keep this treasure to myself. .So do not wait any longer and escape now with Myoxybubble Jordania without fear and do not hesitate to ask me your questions !!!

Our itinerary

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Story of a journey like no other.

Day 1 : Paris – Amman – Madaba

After a direct flight of 4h30 from Paris, we arrived at night in Amman where we picked up at the airport our rental car (booked from the France at Europcar, which was very convenient! 200€ per week. Yes, it’s a budget! But it’s a must for an 8-day stay if you don’t want to waste your time waiting for each bus change. And above all you are free of your photo stops!
We took the road directly to Madaba (about 40min drive) where we had booked a room for the night at the Madaba hotel. For amateurs, the city of Madaba is famous for its mosaics.

Day 2: Mount Nebo – the Dead Sea

The next day, wake up early to go to the top of Mount Nebo, a mystical place to see absolutely, which is located in western Jordan at 817m altitude.The view of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley is splendid. The chapel “church of moses” is very well preserved and maintained. You can also see a sculpture of moses’ brass serpent and below the site the spring of Moses (Ayun Musa), where Moses made water gush with his staff during the exodus. The entrance to the site costs a few dinars and the visit lasts about 1 hour.

table orientation mount Nebo cross mount nebo view from Mount Nebo Church of Moise

Then head to the Dead Sea ! An essential step! The Dead Sea is a huge saltwater lake straddling Israel, Jordan and the West Bank. The place is known for being able to float there while reading his newspaper

Dead Sea salt block flotation and reading Dead Sea newspaper Dead Sea salt block Dead Sea mud bath

The salinity is extremely high which explains this phenomenon of flotation. The natural mud produced by the Dead Sea has therapeutic benefits for the skin, so do not hesitate any longer and go for it to take a mud bath and enjoy a moment of guaranteed well-being!
The sensation of this water with high salinity on the skin is very special: it becomes almost oily to the touch. It is necessary to take a fresh water shower immediately after swimming.
Be careful, provide a pair of water shoes to avoid abrasions due to salt crystals. The Dead Sea is also the lowest point on earth with an altitude of 420m below sea level.

lowest point on earth

The Dead Sea is accessible by the hotel complexes (free if you live there) that have their private access, or by the outdoor beaches (count 15-20jod for access to the sea, mud and locker). We had chosen the mövenpick hotel which was not given. We made an exception that night because we were there for a great occasion: New Year’s Day for the new year 2018!

mövenpick hotel Happy New Year 2018! New Year in love mövenpick hotel

Day 3 : Wadi Mujib – Kings Road – Desert Road – Petra by night

To start this new year on January 1, 2018, we have a hearty breakfast. Then we take the direction of Petra. Before arriving at our destination, we crossed the Wadi Mujib Valley, then the Kings Road before joining the Desert Road, the landscapes are all more magnificent than the others.
I strongly advise you to go canyoning through the Wadi Mujib Valley if the season allows it! Unfortunately, I could not do this given the period in which I was there, which was for me a big disappointment. The panoramic view from the road was amazing as you can see in my photo.

Wadi Mujib Valley View point on the road Desert road Desert view on the road

Arriving on the desert road, we were able to witness a mini tornado.

Sand tempete

Arriving in Petra we are surprised by a very thick fog, heavy rain and a temperature that dropped to 3° C while it was 20°C in the morning near the Dead Sea. This is explained by the difference in altitude (from -430m to +1396m). We stayed in the Bedouin village in the direct vicinity of the site (15min walk from the back entrance of the site and 5min drive from the main entrance). We had booked the accommodation Bedouin & Danish home in Petra.

{EDIT: Our hosts are currently building a new house with more bedrooms, in order to accommodate more visitors. The link has been updated to the new announcement. I will be grateful if you specify that you are coming from home if you book ;-)}

The view from the balcony of our apartment was stunning, as you can see!

Petra view back way to Petra

The Bedouins are now settled and own apartments in this village. They also have their own cave/house in the protected area of Petra. And yes, Petra is a cave city!

The Royal Tombs Petra Tombs

After taking up residence we had dinner with our hosts Anja & Hammad. In Jordan, the dishes are mainly rice accompanied by lamb chickens, vegetables. As a starter, Hummus is often in the spotlight. There is also a mixture of herbs as well as all kinds of other sauces in which one dips a bread soaked in olive oil (delicious). Eating at homestay remains the best way to discover the culinary specialties of the country.

Anja & Ahmed, our hosts Before After Mint tea

We returned to the main entrance of the site for an overnight tour of the Siq and Treasury (also called Khazneh), by candlelight. For further explanations about the Jordan Pass and the night tour, go to the “My Tips” section at the bottom of the article.
Unfortunately for us, it had rained a lot in the evening; the visit was maintained but the Siq (narrow path in a canyon 1.2 km long and cliffs more than 80 meters high) was partly flooded and there were almost no candles left. The advantage is that we were few and were able to take full advantage of the site. The progression through the canyon at night amazed us and the appearance of the Khazneh was magical. An unforgettable moment!

Khazneh by night

Day 4: Trek in the city of Petra

Here we are for a 9-hour trek in the Nabataean city and its massifs through uncrowded trails that border Petra.This experience is breathtaking! Remember to bring comfortable walking shoes, a bottle of water and a hat depending on the season.

Rock Head in Petra View on Royal Tombs Me! And Petra... Ancient city The cathedral Nabataean paintings

The best time to admire Petra is either mid-morning or late in the afternoon when the sun’s rays illuminate and revive the natural colors of the rock, pink, orange or even red depending on the exposure. Our guide was also our host, he knew all the surroundings like the back of his hand. We had the privilege of eating in a small cave that was his mother’s restaurant. We were able to taste his artisanal bread (called chapati) as well as other delicious dishes, in the Bedouin way: on the ground.

Jordanian Chapati Enjoy your meal!

He also surprised us to discover the “Khazneh” (tomb of a Nabataean king who was carved at the beginning of the 1st century) by the heights of Petra without warning us. The appearance and discovery of the Day Treasure was magical and mesmerizing. I was overexcited and had stars in my eyes, like a little girl discovering this wonder and of course with my camera in hand!! It is absolutely necessary to live it to understand this emotion that runs through you during the discovery of the ancient city and its treasure.

Princess of Petra  Cat in front of the Khazneh

I will never forget this moment, especially since I had my marriage proposal at this precise place, on the heights and facing the Treasury.What a romanticism! A marriage proposal to the pink city so that our love is solid as a rock! For sure we will see life in pink! I wish you all such a beautiful request.

The marriage proposal! I said yes!

Day 5 : Petra again – Wadi Rum

The next day we woke up with stars still full of eyes from our visit the day before. Our program of the day was to cross the Siq again by day and rediscover the Treasure from the top of its 100m. The crossing of the canyon is an adventure that is lived and not told. It’s an unforgettable experience!Still, pay attention to the horse-drawn carriages that crisscross the canyon! We also visit the surroundings and other trails that we had not done the day before. The site is really huge and it takes several days to go through it entirely.

The Siq The treasure Canyon du Siq Roman roadPetra Theatre

We then take the car towards the desert of Wadi Rum at 1h30 drive and 110 km distance. You can book a night in the desert by sleeping in a traditional Bedouin camp (Martian Camp). We booked via Airbnb (about 30€ for 2 per night). You will have to go to the Visitor Center located at the entrance of the site to buy the entrance tickets or to validate your Jordan Pass (the Wadi Rum is indeed a protected area like the national parks). The Visitor Center has a guarded and secure car park where you can park your rental car free of charge for the duration of your stay in complete tranquility.
Your host will pick you up by 4×4 at this car park to take you to your camp.

4x4 desert trip

A new adventure begins! You will climb to the back of a pickup with your hair in the wind for your greatest pleasure! Before your eyes parade grandiose landscapes, an indescribable and soothing calm reigns in the desert. The shades of ochre color of the sand and rocks as well as the brightness make the place magical. This is a rather unique red sand desert where many movies are shot, the most famous being “Lawrence of Arabia” and “The Martian”.
Arrived at the camp, we are warmly welcomed by the Bedouins, who show us our tent so that we can leave our luggage and get comfortable. We discover the place and get to know our guests.

Martian Camp Our tent

To end the day, we decide to take a camel ride and admire the sunset from a magnificent viewpoint.

Camel ride Wadi Rum sunset The Shadow of Love Rest at the camp

Back at the camp, the Bedouins prepared a campfire for us. Comfortably seated on cushions, we enjoy a mint tea before continuing the evening with a typical Bedouin meal (hearty and delicious). Follows a traditional dance and songs to which I was invited. It was a beautiful moment of sharing and it will remain in my memories.

Campfire Good night!

The night was very cool (3 degrees), but do not worry, the blankets are provided in number and are thick. We slept well dressed and were not cold. And if you go there at a warmer time you can sleep under the stars! The facilities are very comfortable for a camp: shower (cold), sanitary and electricity thanks to the generator (far enough away that we do not hear it).

Day 6 : Wadi Rum – Aqaba

When we wake up, we leave in a 4×4 for a day of discovery (6 hours) of the main sites of Wadi Rum. It takes about 100€ (80 JOD) per car. Almost all the camps offer this type of tour, (obviously not included in the entrance fee of the Wadi Rum). A word of advice: agree with your driver before the start on the circuit and the sites you absolutely want to see. They are flexible.
On the program for us: the house of Lawrence of Arabia, the red sand dune, the canyon of Lawrence of Arabia, the bridge of Wadi Rum, the 7 pillars of wisdom, the Um Fruth rock Bridge, Burdah Rock bridge, Mushroom Rock and many more. We also discovered Nabataean scriptures on rocks.

The 7 Pillars of Wisdom Um Fruth rock bridge Sandstone bridge Mushroom rock Yellow Arch of Wadi Rum Red sand DuneNabataean Scriptures In the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia  Lawrence of Arabia house

Our guide and driver surprises us by preparing a campfire in the middle of the desert to enjoy a mint tea and smoke shisha: a pure moment of happiness and zenitude!

Fire in the desert mint tea Chicha time Shisha in preparation

It’s time for us to leave Wadi Rum, ball in our stomach and pick up our belongings and rental car. I advise you to sleep 2 or 3 nights in the desert if the length of your stay (and your budget) allows it. The experience is truly extraordinary and the Wadi Rum Desert is one of the most beautiful in the world.
Direction now Aqaba 45min drive (50km).
We had booked a room at Amir Palace Hotel that we recommend. Good value for money, very clean and excellent welcome. The owner is very helpful and gives many good tips.

Day 7: Aqaba

Here we are in Aqaba. When you think of Aqaba, do you think of the Red Sea? Snorkeling? Diving? A sea of around 25 degrees minimum? I wish you that! But what to do in Aqaba when it rains? That there is a lot of wind? When the sea is unleashed? That swimming and diving are prohibited? And that boats are not allowed to go out to sea? That’s what happened to us! In a 1st time it’s the loose I admit!

Rough seas in Aqaba

But while looking we discover many other centers of interest and places to discover: the shopping streets full of charm, Aqaba fortress, the archaeological museum, the Al Sharif Hussein Bin Ali House mosque, a flag of Jordan at the top of the 2nd highest mast in the world (137m high) celebrating the Arab revolt of 1916, a walk along the beach.
To visit the mosque, women must be covered with a veil (which is lent to you at the entrance). Visits are made outside prayer hours. It takes about 30min and it’s free.

Al Sharif Hussein Bin Ali House Mosque Aqaba fortress

Aqaba being a very touristic seaside resort. The paradox is that women are very much observed while in the rest of the country Jordanians are very respectful (or more discreet!). It can be confusing, but don’t worry, it doesn’t go any further.
There are many hotels, restaurants and cafes in Aqaba to relax. We recommend the Racket Kanaan restaurant & café to smoke a shisha, have a drink and eat in the evening: the place is peaceful and the food excellent!
For women, you can also make a ladies spa 2 steps from this restaurant at Janna spa. I tested a French manicure and was delighted with the result !!

Racket Kanaan restaurant dinner Racket Kanaan restaurant dinner

Day 8 : Amman – Jerash – Paris

The next morning we return our rental car before taking a flight to Amman. (50min flight). Arrived at the airport you can like us rent a car for the day to get to Jerash (about 1 hour and 50km). The place is also called Gerasa. It is an ancient Roman site (an entire city in fact) beautifully preserved.
At the entrance is the arch of Hadrian followed by a racecourse. Then we arrive at the oval square which has 56 columns. The site also features the Temple of Zeus, the Southern Theater, and the Temples of Dionysus and Artemis. This site is beautiful, steeped in history and worth the trip.

Arch of Hadrian Oval square Arthemis temple Corinthian columns of Jerash Jerash Theatre Hadrian's Hyppodoroma and Arc

We then return to Amman to finish the day.I advise you to visit the ancient theater, as well as the citadel (be careful the site closes at 6pm). The latter is located on a hill overlooking the city and the theater of Amman, and from where you can admire a beautiful sunset.

Amman Citadel View of the Amman Theatre from the Citadel Old Umayyad Palace of Amman Citadel Remains of the citadel

End of the day at Jafra Restaurant & Cafe, to drink, eat, smoke a shisha and attend a concert.

End of the adventure! We fly back to Paris, amazed, our heads full of memories, with new friendships, the camera full of beautiful shots to remind us of this beautiful trip.
It’s decided, we will go back, in another season, to do what we could not do: canyoning in the Wadi Mujib, diving in Aqaba, Karak Castle, the Dana Valley and many more.
As I told you in the introduction, there are really many things to see and do in Jordan!

And if you want to discover even more activities and places to visit in Jordan, we invite you to click on the banner below:

To sum up, Jordan is our favorite trip that we highly recommend to everyone. The places are magical and the locals lovely and helpful. I hope I’ve taken you into my oxygen bubble and seeed you again for more adventures with Myoxybubble!

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My advice

Jordan Pass

I strongly advise you to take the latter. Indeed, it is really advantageous and convenient:
– Free admission to more than 40 sites, including the most important: Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum, amman citadel, and much more.
– The visa to enter the country is included in the pass (and saves you the wait at the airport on arrival)
– Digital brochures downloadable for free
– Pass with QR code to print (no waiting for the reception of the pass). You can buy it before leaving directly on the website.

Its price depends on the number of days petra is visited (1, 2 or 3 for respectively 70, 75 or 80 JOD), which is really little. It pays for itself by visiting Petra and Wadi Rum for example.

Petra by night

The Petra by night tour is not included in the Jordan pass. You must buy a special ticket at the Tourist Center at the entrance of the site. It is only possible on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. when the weather permits.
The price is 12 JOD (13€).
The visit includes crossing the Siq at night, the trail being illuminated by many candles (if it did not rain!).Walk that leads to the Khazneh where a sound and light show takes place and ending at 10pm.

The Dead Sea

– Avoid bathing barefoot: the salt crystals are very sharp.
– Do not put your head under water and avoid touching your eyes.
– Beware of wounds with salinity because it digs and stings!
– Take a fresh water shower immediately after swimming.

Travel by car

If you want to travel by car, don’t forget your international permit!
Driving in Jordan is really easy: the roads are wide and in good condition. There is very little traffic and Jordanians drive safely and coolly. Maybe because there are many police checks. So be careful. Fill up on gas without waiting to be in the red. On some roads there are few gas stations, especially on the road of the kings and the road of the desert. For car rentals, many agencies are present at Amman Airport. Personally we opted for Europcar since the France because it allowed us to return the vehicle to the Aqaba agency. We were satisfied with the service and the quality/price ratio.


The currency is the Jordanian dinar. 1 JOD is worth about €1.23.
Be careful to always keep some cash on you because the CB is not accepted outside the big cities.
And it can also be difficult to find a distributor, especially in Wadi Rum.

Before you go

– Do not forget to check that your passport is still valid.
– A visa is required (see Jordan Pass section).
– Take a medical certificate, your license and dive book if you want to go diving in Aqaba.
– There is no need for special vaccines, but as everywhere It is better to be up to date with your DTP and hepatitis A.
– For electrical outlets, it is the same as in France, no adapter to provide ..
– Depending on the season, do not forget sunscreens, glasses, hats or warm clothes.
Hiking shoes recommended for Petra and Wadi Rum.

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