Iceland, discovering another world!


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Trip made in July 2018
Duration: 3 days

Welcome to Iceland !!

Hello bubblers! 

Welcome to Myoxybubble Iceland, a country with spectacular landscapes with its geysers, volcanoes, waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers, icebergs, northern lights and the sea! Enough to embark you once again in my oxygen bubble! This Icelandic bubble, which in winter can be both dark with its long icy nights, as well as magical with its auroras and white coat. In summer, it becomes bright and colorful with its endless days, green landscapes and countless waterfalls.
So don’t hesitate, take a flight to Reykjavik and join me in my world!

Our itinerary

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Iceland, discovering another world!

Day 1 : Paris – Reykjavik – the Blue lagoon

After 3h35 of flight with Icelandair from Paris (cost of the flight: 200 € / person round trip on skyskanner), we land in Reykjavik. It’s mid-July, when the days are long and it’s never really dark. For the record, Reykjavik means theBay of Fumes” because of the many hot springs present in the region and which produce steam chimneys.

the incredible shadow of my flight! welcome to Iceland !

For your travels on this island, we strongly advise you to rent a car at the airport, as we via Átak car rental through This period is particularly appreciated by tourists to visit the country. The climatic conditions are favorable to make many excursions and the roads are open, passable and accessible unlike in winter when you need adapted vehicles. The cost of living in Iceland being relatively high, we stayed in a Vibrant Iceland Hostel. Very good value for money. The property is nice, clean and comfortable. It has all the required amenities and the staff is very friendly. We recommend it!After getting acquainted with the place, dropping off our suitcases and having lunch, we took the road towards the Blue Lagoon. The site is just 30 minutes from the hostel.

direction the blue lagoon!

The Blue Lagoon is a very popular spa for swimming with water around 39 degrees and having many virtues for the skin (eczema, psoriasis).It is open all year round, but I advise you to book your entrance several days or even weeks in advance because it is full every day. The price depends on the desired service (bath towels, bathrobe, drink, silica mud mask, restaurant included or not in your package). You can consult the rates, the calendar of reservations and services on the blue Lagoon website. The landscapes are magnificent! There is a contrast between the opaque and milky blue of its waters and the surrounding moss-covered black lava fields.

spa blue lagoon blue lagoon landscape blue lagoon view milky blue contrast and lava fields blue lagoon view moss-covered lava fields

This lake is not of natural origin because the water comes from a geothermal power plant. Its water is rich in silica, which by reflecting the sun’s rays, gives the lagoon its turquoise blue color. The water has a salinity of 2.5% against 3.5% for the sea. The ideal is to go there late at night to enjoy the midnight sun in summer. The colors are splendid!

midnight sun Cheers! inside the blue lagoon

Back at the Vibrant Iceland Hostel we went to bed with a clarity in the sky quite destabilizing and unusual for us.

Day 2 : Whales and the Golden Circle

After having a good night’s sleep thanks to the relaxing benefits of the previous day’s Blue Lagoon, we got up playful to watch whale watching at sea from Reykjavik. A childhood dream for my husband’s 40th birthday! We went through Whale safari for ticket reservations.We strongly advise you to book in advance even if it is possible to book on site. The departure and meeting place of the excursion are at the old port.

Port of Reykjavík

A speedboat allows you to quickly get to the whale watching spot without wasting time. You are in groups of 10 for a 3-hour excursion. The agency provides you with a warm and waterproof suit, suitable for cold, wind and bad weather, as well as warm gloves and goggles. For your safety, you will put on a life jacket.

We're ready! I'm ready

Of course, we arranged to be all in front, ideal place for ocean views, photos and sensations!During our sea trip, we were able to see several varieties of birds (such as puffins, seagulls) and whales in the distance for our greatest happiness. We took a big breath of sea air and the excitement was at its max!

a whale! seagulls Departing from the port hair in the wind

After the discovery of cetaceans, no time to lose, we quickly eat a piece and head to the golden circle! In Iceland the days are long, we enjoy it! The Golden Circle is a must-see on tourist circuits, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It can be done in one afternoon, at its own pace, during the summer period. The Golden Circle consists mainly of 3 natural sites: þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfall and Geysir. There are excursions for the Golden Circle, but I am rather in favor of the mode “autonomy”, “freedom” and “backpacker guide” for the record. It is easy to drive and get around on Icelandic roads. In addition, the discovery by yourself will lighten your wallet! It’s up to you! We drive 1 hour from Reykjavik to get to the þingvellir National Park which is the 1st stage of the Golden Circle.

Thingvellir National Park

This park is both a historical and geological site:
– The site was the original gathering place of one of the oldest parliaments in the world, the alþing, founded in 930.
– It is located on the border between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, hence the presence of many visible faults in the landscape.
The Silfra fault is one of the most famous, especially for diving enthusiasts. Indeed, it is located in a lake and allows you to dive in crystal clear waters (but between 2 ° and 4 ° !! Dry combination mandatory!) up to 63 meters deep. Its length varies from a few tens to a hundred meters. The great particularity is to dive between 2 continents, separated by only a few meters! A unique experience certainly, but we did not have enough time unfortunately to live it. We will go back with our dive book!

Silfra Fault Another view of Silfrafault

We continue our way, towards Geysir, an Icelandic geyser, a hot spring located in volcanic fields and where water and water vapor gush. The Geysir is the most famous geyser in the world. He also gave his name to this phenomenon and therefore to all the others. It only gushes 2 or 3 times a year and can project water up to 80 meters high. Volcanic fields in geysir volcanic fieldThe famous GEYSIR! Strokkur

In Geysir, there is also another geyser called Strokkur, very active this one, projecting water up to 20m high all 5 to 8min.  The Geysir site is located 105km from Reykjavík, its entrance is free and its parking too. On site, the main geothermal phenomena are secured and marked. Even if the place is very touristy, I strongly advise you to live and see the Strokkur spring! It’s both breathtaking and magical!

The Strokkur geyser in operation! beginning of the explosion explosion in progress! steam plumeThe strokkur bubble Strokkur area

Waiting for the water-filled hole to turn into a huge bubble of turquoise blue water to finally explode and gush out before your eyes is pure bliss!  We were ecstatic at this natural phenomenon!
Enough to take you once again in Myoxybubble !

After the icelandic faults and geysers, on the way to another landscape and another stage of the Golden Circle with the grandiose waterfalls of Gullfoss! Gullfoss means “the golden fall” and is located 2 hours from Reykjavík.It is a succession of 2 waterfalls located on the HvÍtá River and reaching 32m deep and 70m wide. As you can see in my photos, they throw themselves into a narrow and deep crack. Its waterfalls are an essential stop on the Golden Circle! They are beautiful and emit an impressive noise. The landscape is exceptional, enough to take a real breath of air. Go for it!

Gullfoss Waterfall Gullfoss Gullfoss Gullfoss Gullfoss Gullfoss

After this long day of discovery and wonder, it is time for us to return to Reykjavík to eat and regain strength! I recommend a restaurant in a small fishermen’s hut called Seabaron, The restaurant is very small, simple and authentic with very good value for money. Life, and especially food, is (very) expensive in Iceland. The place is very popular so avoid rush hours as the wait can be long. The food is excellent and fresh! I advise you to let yourself be tempted and warm up with their delicious lobster soup, to taste their tasty skewers of grilled fish and vegetables and to quench your thirst with a good beer of the country!

lobster soup at Sea Baron grilled fish skewers at Sea Baron We are at the sea baron!

After regaining strength and seeing the clarity of the sky when it was late, we decided to discover some of Reykjavík’s sights before going to bed.In particular a very beautiful Lutheran church “la Hallgrímskirkja” or “l’Opéra Harpa”. During our digestive walk, we also came across some nice street art.

"the Hallgrímskirkja" "Harpa Opera" Street art street art

Day 3 : A long road trip to Diamond Beach

Last Icelandic day! Challenge of the day: see the icebergs! Will our dream come true? Our challenge is very bold because we have to travel 850km round trip in the day. We are optimistic because the days are endless in Iceland. No room for fatigue, we will sleep later!

So, let’s go, on the way! And we start with a small detour to KeriÕ, a volcanic crater occupied by a lake. Located in the southwest of Iceland, not far from Reykjavík. Its red-brown color will surprise you and the turquoise blue color of its lake will mesmerize you. A path allows you to climb, then walk along and around the crater by the ridge. This walk will take you half an hour. From the top, the view is magnificent. It is a very beautiful spot to take pictures of the crater, its lake and its surroundings. The site is worth visiting; parking is free but entrance to the site costs 400 Icelandic kronor.

KeriÕ volcanic crater and its lake Kerid

Once your legs are stretched, we advise you to take the road back to Seljalandfoss, a waterfall measuring 65m in height. Its peculiarity is that you can pass behind it. The view is sublime and the surroundings are also extremely green.

Seljalandfoss waterfall Seljalandfoss waterfallSeljalandfoss waterfall Seljalandfoss waterfall Seljalandfoss waterfallSeljalandfoss waterfall

Just a tip: bring rain gear and protect your camera with a waterproof bag because you will be a little wet!  Be careful not to slip because the path can be a little muddy. The visit is free but parking is paid.Then we give you an appointment about thirty kilometers to reach another magnificent waterfall “skogafoss”, located on the skÓgá River. Its waterfall is about sixty meters high and about 25 meters wide. It is easily accessible from the main road, and stairs allow you to climb to the top as you can see in the photo below.

skogafoss skogafoss skogafoss skogafoss skogafoss skogafoss

Iceland’s roads are full of treasure! The discovered stops are numerous, so the road seems less long. For example, we found the beautiful arch of DyrhÓlaey, a small peninsula 120m high, located on the south coast of Iceland near the small town of Vik. Access by car is free, free site, the very steep road can be dangerous in case of bad weather and is normally reserved for the 4×4 vehicle! At the top, the view is wild with cliffs and a black sand beach. Photographers will feast on this point of view!

Iceland DyrhÓlaey Arch long black sand beach view of Reynisdrangar

In the last photo you can see in the distance the famous black sand beach of Reynisfjara. On site, there are also basalt columns, pebbles, cliffs, the sea, a view of DyrhÓlaey, and finally you see the stacks (stone needle-shaped pillars detached from the coast) of Iceland called Reynisdrangar. We are 180km from Reykjavík. Parking is paid but the site is free.

Reynisfjara balsata columns Reynisfjara Reynisfjara Iceland a view of DyrhÓlaey

After eating on site and drinking a coffee, we drive 2 hours through breathtaking landscapes. We take a few breaks to stay awake during digestion. We go from 15 degrees with a great sun to a cooler temperature as we get closer to the glaciers!

a little break is necessary! Iceland take sontemis and take a breath of fresh air! stunning landscape of Iceland seen on a glacier

The excitement rises in us as we get closer to the jewel of Icelandic nature. Challenge met and dream realized! Here we are in Jokularson ! (Glacial lagoon composed of huge icebergs). Its ice lagoon VatnajÖkull is beautiful. Here, time stops, you are transported to an icy fairytale world. Enough to take you for the snow queen! You feel liberated, delivered and well, quite simply… Obliged, here, you will take your time and bubble like Myoxybubble !

Jokularson! jewels of Iceland! Jokularson Jokularson Jokularson

Jokularson, a nugget with blue waters and floating icebergs, where birds and seals swimming in the lagoon are kings!

Jokularson we see a seal swimming!

The lagoon flows through a small channel to the Atlantic Ocean, where blocks of ice sometimes wash up on a black sand beach called “Diamond Beach” flow. Indeed the blocks of ice are polished by the waves and sea water until they become transparent like crystal. There are blocks of all sizes that can be likened to diamonds by their brilliance under the sun’s rays, their transparency and their purity. Do not miss this beach! Possibility to get there on foot by crossing the road. You can leave your car in one of the free parking on site and stroll freely in the vicinity of the lagoon.

Diamond Beach Diamond Beach Diamond Beach Diamond Beach iceberg stranded on Diamond Beach

It’s time for us to hit the road again because 425km to the hotel are waiting for us! The return was long, with several stops for dinner and coffee so as not to fall asleep. It was a bold challenge to do the road trip on a day and not very reasonable. But we have no regrets. This day will remain engraved in our memories. However, we advise you if you have more time to make the journey in several stages, over 2 or 3 days.
Arriving at the hotel, we had no trouble falling asleep after this long day! That’s it, it’s over!

This is for us the end of this journey in this country of a thousand and one facets and landscapes from elsewhere.
We fly again the next day, very early, after a (very) short night’s sleep, a little sad, but amazed and the camera full!
We will certainly go back one day, in winter, to discover the country under the snow. This will also allow us to observe the Northern Lights, ice caves and many other wonders !!

And if you want to discover even more activities and places to visit in Iceland, we invite you to click on the banner below:

I hope you enjoyed this trip with me. I look forward to seeing you soon for new adventures with a new Myoxybubble destination!

Feel free to leave your comments on this article and share your own experiences in Iceland (the form can be found a little below).
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My advice

The Blue Lagoon

I advise you to book in advance so that you can choose the desired time. The website is very well done.
Due to the silica in the water, the hair becomes dry like straw. Conditioner is provided, do not hesitate to soak your hair abundantly before swimming. And repeat the operation by going out after the shower.

Travel by car

If you want to travel by car, don’t forget your international permit!
Driving in Iceland is relatively easy: there are few roads, it’s hard to get lost. However, you can rent a GPS at the rental agency, it’s always reassuring. In addition, ours indicated speed limits and speed cameras, which is convenient especially since fines are very expensive. Pay attention to animals and especially sheep on the roads.
Finally, depending on the season, a 4×4 can be essential. Find out before you go.


The currency is the Icelandic krona. 1 € is worth about 142 ISK.
CB is accepted everywhere, no need to withdraw money.
Life on site is very expensive, especially the food. The budget for excursions such as whales or the Blue lagoon is therefore quite substantial. But it’s worth living!!
Making the excursions (golden circle, Jokularson) by yourself allows you to make some savings.

Before you go

Don’t forget to check that your passport is still valid.No visa required.
Take a medical certificate, your license and dive book if you want to dive at the Silfra fault. There is no need for special vaccines.
Plan medication for seasickness if you are sensitive and plan to go on a whale watching excursion. For electrical outlets, it is the same as in France, no adapter to provide.
Hiking shoes and warm and waterproof clothing in all seasons recommended.

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